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Guada’s brings mouthfuls of love, where the recipes have been created and the food have been enjoyed by generations of home cooks with a great deal of cooking experience. Guada’s offers authentic kitchen recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation. Aside from family recipes, the chefs at Guada’s also create superb dishes that have never been tasted before. Aside from the strict policy of NO MSG being observed at its kitchen, fresh and home-grown organic herbs are utilized thereby supporting the local farming community. At Guada’s, it is a pleasure to serve its guests with high quality, delicious dishes that will leave a taste to remember.

Guada’s is open from 6 AM to 10 PM.


To adhere to the authenticity of food recipes that guests enjoy on the dining table. To deliver freshly cooked dishes with the use of high-quality ingredients from local suppliers. To preserve the Filipino heritage by proudly cooking hearty Filipino dishes at the restaurant. To surpass the taste of multi-starred and high-end dining establishments. To give the guests a bite that feels like home.


To be a supporter of local farming in the community by using locally sourced products. To be authentic in creating home cooked dishes that every Filipino family will only experience when dining at Guada’s. To introduce Filipino cuisine for the whole world to taste.


  • Cooking from the heart and passion to meet customer satisfaction with the use of well-crafted dishes

  • Integrity of and pride for our recipes

  • Customers satisfaction is the priority

  • Respect to food as cleanliness is of utmost importance

  • Fresh food is food delivered on time